Backup Everything!

How would feel if you lost all the data from your Business?
Hardware failure, ransomware or unexpected  weather issues could put YOU out of business.

With prices from just £10 per month, why risk it?

Data is Everything

With our solution it's easy to backup your files and store them securely in the cloud. 

Your data is uploaded with end to end encryption keeping it safe the whole time, and is stored on servers in the UK, keeping you GDPR compliant.
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Servers and more

Our cloud backup solution can back up your data from Windows, Mac, Linux, office 365, Exchange, databases and many more!

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Save your business

By default, all backup versions are kept for 90 days, so if the worst happens, you can go back to older versions of the file.

This data retention policy helps to protect your valuable data from ransomware attacks, hardware failure and unexpected catastrophic events. 
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Peace of mind

We can help you audit where your important data is, what to include in the backups, and get you set up quickly so that you're fully protected for peace of mind. 

We can also help test your recovery from backups, because a backup is only useful if it can be relied upon to save the day...
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