Does using your IT sytems feel like crawling over broken glass, covered in angry ants, exposed and smeared in Marmalade?

If this a relatable experience for you and your technology, it does not have to be this way.

We are the IT people

Your business tech is very important. It needs to work for your users, your business and, most importantly, for your clients. Let our team help you get it fit for purpose.  We are a wee but mighty IT company in the Central belt of Scotland, and we're on a mission to help you!

Consultancy - avoid costly/bad decisions with independent advice that is best for your business, not someone else's pocket.

Design Agency - your website needs to work for you. Whether it's a refresh, extra functionality or a rebuild.

Technical Support - sod's law things will go wrong at the worst possible time.
We'll get you sorted, and prevent similar issues in the future.

Tech-Enabled -
got what you need to succeed? We can help you review whether tech is super-charging your business.

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Linda, MD - 2010 Distribution Ltd

Linda | MD, Logistics Company

Happy Client
"Before working with Cleveley Dynamic we definitely weren’t getting the best from our IT systems and were constantly throwing money at them to try and make them more efficient. With the help of Leyton (that’s the main man Leyton Cleveley) we now have a streamlined, cost effective and efficient set-up.

His attention to detail and willingness to accommodate our needs is second to none. The support service is great value for money and response times to time critical repairs would be hard to beat.

Overall, Leyton offers sound, knowledgeable advice backed up by an excellent service where nothing is too much bother!"

Fred Flintstone

"They Yabba Dabba do computers"

T. Tiger

"Their Greeeat"

Edna Mode

"Luck Favours the prepared"

Have a problem that no one else seems to be able to help you with? 

Talk to a human now, remember chat bots and AI are not a replacement to talking to someone who actually cares. Contact the team today!
Let us solve your problems
RAVEN Business Systems
AWS, Web Services
Dashlane, password manager
Fasthosts, Domains & Web Hosting
Backup Everything

Technical Support

IT underpins your business - without it running smoothly things are going backwards and costing you money. Technical support proactively keeps systems working and our reactive support sorts out problems when the unexpected happens.

Problem Solvers

You've probably got problems, or know things could be more effective - otherwise you wouldn't be here. Speak to us and see how we can resolve your problems. Think you have something unsolvable... come give us the challenge!