Technical support services

When it goes wrong, get it sorted... fast!

Dealing with downtime 

Computers sometimes stop working. Sadly this is a fact of modern life - we are so reliant on it, that it feels like the sky is falling down when something goes wrong!

It's also Sod's Law that things break when we're right in the middle of an important project, deadline or holiday period - so who do you call to get you back up & running, especially when it is urgent or critical?

Technical Support

Our flexible and value for money technical support contracts take the hassle away. one simple phone call to one of the real humans on the team and we will take care of your issue. We can support you over the phone, by remotely accessing your systems, if possible or by on site visit. We are as flexible as your computers are stubbon!
“All your problems bow before our stubbornness.”

What can we work with?

We have expertise in MS Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Operating systems (and even legacy systems like DOS!).

We are familiar with both Intel (normal PC / Laptops) and Mac architecture. We can configure networks, routers, switches and servers too. 
If it has electricity running throught it, we can likely help!

We have plenty of experience in administering Microsoft 365 (Office 365), and many other software products from accounting to CNC machine control software.

Whatever you have - I am sure we can help you with it!

Affordable pricing

Each company has different requirements, software and infrastructure. We offer good value for money and you always talk to a friendly staff member who will brighten your day with their presence (as well as solutions!). 

Alongside ad-hoc emergency support, we offer affordable contracts that are bespoke to your needs, without long term tie-ins. We want you to be happy and stay with us, so we are motivated to look after you. 

Special rates & priority

Aside from giving you priority when things need fixed, our support contracts entitle you to special discounts and rates on all our other products, from software to project work.

Want to dominate IT?

Talk to people who care, not a faceless telephone only tech company.
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