A magical mix of tech support and services

Your business IT takes many forms, from client-facing WebApps and websites, to internal servers, processes and systems.

Keeping them running is our business to support your business!


How do you know if your processes and technology are fit for purpose? Basically they should make your work/business easier, quicker and more efficient.

Most IT systems tend to grow organically as your business and team grows, and eventually reach a point where they are no longer coherent and make work tasks even harder, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your delivery to your customers.

Technical Support

There are 2 key points in the support lifecyle: 
(1) what happens when it stops working and 
(2) preventing it from breaking in the first place.

Once your systems are down, so is your business!

We offer a range of support options from ad-hoc and emergency support to rolling support contracts.

Web Design

Your website is a shop window to your business - and in some cases it *is* your business! It needs to really work for your business, not just look good.

If you are looking for a new design or wanting to add exta features, have a chat with us about what you need.

Servicing IT needs

We also offer a range of other IT and computer related services, including:

- Business Software (that fits to your business)
- Password Management (keeping your data safe)
- Custom App Development (if you need something bespoke)


Backup Everything!

How would losing all your company data affect your business? Do you have a disaster recovery plan or are you leaving it to chance?

Our business integrated cloud backup helps to make sure you are covered when the worst happens.

Want to dominate IT?

Talk to people who care, not a faceless telephone only tech company.
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